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I am often asked by friends and family what is the best way to speed up their PC. I’ll get questions and comments such as “All of a sudden my computer feels so slow, what can I do to get it back to normal?” or “I had a party on the weekend and friends used my PC, now it is slow…”. The easy way out would be to tell them to format their PC and start from scratch but that is not always possible due to the time it takes and it just might not be feasible for each individual person.

Instead of taking the easy way out doing the format and reinstall of your OS, one of the key things I always look for is Spyware as it is said by many sources that 9 out of 10 computers which are connected to the Internet are infected with some type of Spyware - and I’d believe it. Now you’re probably wondering what is Spyware aka adware, malware, trackware, scumware, thiefware, snoopware and sneakware? Basically Spyware are hidden stealth-like programs that run in the background which make money for their publishers (usually who offer freeware software, cheap software or advertising for adult-related websites) by reporting how you surf the Web and even sending back personal details such as name and e-mail addresses without you usually knowing what is happening.

For example, you’ll see Spyware in freeware or cheap software which is supported by advertising (known as Adware), such as peer-to-peer software like Imesh and Kazaa. You might even get your computer infected with Spyware by opening up a spam email or visiting a website with bad advertising style intentions such as warez-related websites. Some publishers pass on this information to advertising and marketing companies like GAIN Publishing but worse still, some publishers even have Spyware programs embedded directly in their software which automatically sends private information from your PC straight over to those advertising and marketing companies.

Besides being a huge privacy violation of computer users all around the world, Spyware slows down computers by chewing up precise CPU cycles and memory usage while it monitors your activities secretly in the background, annoys you with random popup windows, takes over your browser with porn tools, changes your homepage location and so on.

Today we are going to tell you about some of the best Spyware remover programs available for you to download, how to use those programs, and also how to monitor processes which are running on your computer to establish if the processes are a security risk or not. We are also going to provide some links at the end of the guide to some places where you can find out more about Spyware, system processes and general security from dedicated resources who maintain up-to-date information. After you’re finished with this guide your PC will be free of Spyware and running the way it should without any nasty programs running in the background chewing up your computer performance and violating your privacy.

Let’s begin and get rid of that Spyware from your PC!


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